Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does an evaporative cooling system work in humid climates?

A. We have tested Fresair in high humidity climates like Florida and the cooling sensation works great. Fresair delivers cold air not moisture unlike systems of the past.  Our pine filter absorbs the moisture and then passes though two additional filters resulting in cool clean air, not mist.

Q. Does your system require distilled or filtered water?

A. No, all that is required is tap water. If you live in a climate where the water is very hard and you are concerned about calcium build-up, a chlorine tablet can be dropped into the reservoir every other month.

Q. Can you tell me about the preventive maintenance, frequency and cost?

A. There are two pumps for this system (injection – pushes water from the reservoir up to the roof, and return – shoots any excess water extracted from the pine filter back into the reservoir). The pine filter can be power washed but it is recommended that both pumps and pine filter be replaced once a year (depending on usage and proper maintenance). Your annual cost to keep your Fresair system running optimum should be around $100, contact your authorized Fresair dealer for quote.

Q. I have a 48V electric golf car, can I power it straight to one 12v battery?

A. No, on electric golf cars you need to connect the power source to a converter, this will draw power equally from your battery pack rather than draining one battery. Most golf cars already have a 12V converter fitted to run things like lights and sound systems.

Q. I have a gas powered golf car, can I use your system?

A. Yes, but please remember that if the engine is not running the battery will drain. You should be sure to run the engine regularly so the alternator is charging the battery.

Q. My roof is not flat, can your system still be installed?

A. Flat roofs work the best, but as long as the system is flat or facing down slightly towards the front (the return pump gathers water from the front of the unit) the system will function properly. The unit weighs about 25lbs, so your roof will need to be able to support that weight or will need support bars added. Contact an authorized Fresair dealer to have your cart inspected by a certified tech.

Q. Can I buy directly from you?

A. Yes but your warranty will be void as professional installation is preferred.

Q. What is the warranty and do you offer an extended warranty?

A. Fresair offers a one year manufacturer warranty for your system. Contact your authorized Fresair dealer to inquire about extended warranty packages.

Q. Do the covers come in any other color besides white?

A. Yes, At this time the covers come in white and black. The cover is constructed from ABS plastic with UV protection which can be custom painted at the dealer level to match any roof or body color.

Q. How many different types or styles of Fresair’s are there?

A. There is currently just one model which is universal for all makes and model golf cars, including both gas and electric. We do offer two custom reservoir systems – the 8L under the seat & the 5L remote fill, both reservoirs are not visible to the eye when installed and offer a very convenient waist high filling system.

Q. Will both of your reservoir systems get me through a round of golf?

A. Yes, water consumption is based upon the exterior ambient temperature but you should get an absolute minimum of 4 hours of cooling sensation.

Q. How cold does the air get from your product?

A. This depends on the outside temperature but you should see 20’-40’ reduction from the ambient temperature to the air emitting out of the vents. Fresair is not a traditional air conditioner, there are no coolants or compressors, which would kill the batteries. Fresair is a green product powered by the carts existing batteries, drawing minimal power whilst cooling the air with tap water and pine using evaporation. Aiming the vents at your face, neck and upper torso provides the maximum cooling sensation. Everyone is blown away, literally, by how efficiently the unit works and the temperature drop. 

Q. Do I need to fill the reservoirs with ice?

A. No, ice will not hurt the system but it is not necessary as the difference in thermal sensation will be minimal.

Q. How easy is the unit to install?

A. Professional installation is recommended but can be accomplished by a skilled owner. A hole to accommodate the air box needs to be cut from the removed roof. The unit drops onto the roof and is sealed by foam and silicon gel and mounted using 4 bolts. There are many different roof types out there, so the strength of the roof, curvature of roof, and where the mounting bolts are to be located need to be analyzed. There are multiple mounting bolts patterns though so there are options to work with virtually any roof. If your roof cannot hold a 25lb weight, support brackets need to be added on the underside of the roof, but most roofs are fine. A harness runs from the back of the unit, over the roof, and contains two water pipes, one to feed the unit with water, the other to return water from the unit to the remote reservoir, as well as the 12V power cable. The harness runs towards the back of the roof and generally to the left down the rear left roof support strut and into the body of the cart. Depending upon your cart a 1” hole may need to be cut to allow the harness to pass through the body. The harness then needs to be connected to the reservoir and 12V power converter. There are two types of reservoirs, a 8L model that fits under the seat where the batteries are located (if you have space) and a 5L model that is usually mounted under the left rear wheel-well and connected through the body to a “gas-cap” style remote fill. The water pipes then need be connected to the reservoir and the 12V power cable to the converter. We are working on more complete installation instructions for those who would like to tackle the installation themselves. Please note that installation that is not performed by a professional installer voids the warranty.

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