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Ah, the 12V Air Conditioner for Van Conversion. This sassy number embodies perfection with the ability to run lean on 12V power providing serious airflow. And with up to 22 hours of continuous cooling, warm weather traveling will be a total breeze.

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For vanlifers and travel rigs alike, we think having an energy-efficient air conditioner is a game-changer. The 12V Air Conditioner for Van Conversion kit includes a water reservoir used to cycle water through the unit’s pine filter providing you with a cool, dehumidified breeze. It’s an eco-friendly solution that simply requires tap water for the ultimate cooling effect.

Fresair Van Conversion Interior
Van Conversion Air Conditioner

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Energy-efficient is the Fresair S6 Van Conversion Air Conditioner’s middle name.  While running on <10A/h at full power, its four directional vents produce powerful cooling for up to 22 hours thus creating up to a 40˚F drop in temperature (scroll down to view the chart and proof we’re good at math.)

Let’s just say it can certainly cool your jets with the plus side of not sounding like a jet since it runs without a compressor. And unlike some other air conditioning units, this unit doesn’t have to rely on a loud generator or even your engine, it can be powered via battery.



A massive temperature drop of up to 40°F between ambient temperature and vents can be reached! On average at 85°F ambient temperature, you will see 20°F+ drop. The hotter the environment the larger the drop.


Fresair runs <10A/h at full power (tests read approx 7A/h) which is only slightly more than a simple roof fan. Compared to traditional rooftop AC units you’ll be using approximately 20x less power.


Running on water and battery power alone as well triple-filtering the air and running clean, even off solar power alone, Fresair is your green energy solution.


With only needing to replace two pumps (injection & return) and a pine filter approximately once a year, the Fresair 12V Air Conditioner for Van Conversion is low maintenance.

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Fresair's Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install

Whether you're the reading type or a visual learner, we've got resources for your convenience. Check out the links below for installation videos and our manual with installation instructions.

Where to Install

The S6 12V Air Conditioner for Van Conversion can actually be installed in a variety of vehicles for those who want fresh, cool air without the need for a generator or relying on your vehicle’s power. We’ve seen this installed on Conversion Vans, Stepvans, RVs, Skoolies and the list goes on.

12V Air Conditioner for Van Conversion
12V Air Conditioner for Van Conversion



Q. How many different types or styles of Fresairs are there?

A. There are currently two models available, the S6 which uses an external reservoir, and the S7i which uses an internal reservoir. The S6 is recommended for the majority of installations, however, the S7i can be used where a self-contained unit is preferred (normally step vans, trailers, tear-drops, etc.)

Q. Can I buy directly from you?

A. Yes, please contact us for pricing. Professional installation is preferred but not necessary if you’re handy.

Q. Do the covers come in any other color besides white?

A. Yes, At this time the covers come in white and black. The cover is constructed from ABS plastic with UV protection which can be custom painted at the dealer level to match any roof or body color.

Q. What is the warranty and do you offer an extended warranty?

A. Fresair offers a one-year manufacturer warranty for your system. Contact your authorized Fresair dealer to inquire about extended warranty packages.

Q. Can you tell me about the preventive maintenance, frequency and cost?

A. There are two pumps for this system (injection – pumps water from the reservoir up to the roof, and return – pumps any excess water extracted from the pine filter back into the reservoir). The pine filter can be power washed but it is recommended that both pumps and pine filter be replaced once a year (depending on usage and proper maintenance). Your annual cost to keep your Fresair system running optimum should be around $100, contact your authorized Fresair dealer for a quote.

Q. How easy is the unit to install?

A. Professional installation is recommended but can be accomplished by a skilled owner.

A hole to accommodate the airbox needs to be cut from the roof (template provided). The unit drops onto the roof and is sealed by foam and silicone gel and mounted using 4 bolts.

The water lines and power lines, contained within a single harness, are run from the unit to the reservoir and battery. The harness contains two water pipes, one to feed the unit with water, the other to return water from the unit to the remote reservoir, as well as the 12V power cable. 


Q. Do I need to fill the reservoirs with ice?

A. No, ice will not hurt the system but it is not necessary as the difference in thermal sensation will be minimal.

Q. What functions occur after the water cycles inside the unit?

A.The excess water that travels through the pine filter goes through water channels and passes through (2) additional sub filters ending up inside the small reservoir built into the front of your Fresair. The return pump is located inside the small reservoir which takes all excess water and pumps it back into the main reservoir – this process will continue until all the water is evaporated. The control panel has an indicator light (fill up) that will blink when water level is low and remain solid when water drops below the sensor inside the main reservoir – at this time both pumps will automatically shut off to avoid damage to the pumps. Your Fresair can leak water if the following scenarios happen:

1. If you are on a slope for an extended period of time – Water is pumped
up to the top of the unit every couple of minutes and if the excess water cannot
reach the return pump due to the angle / slope of the vehicle, water can leak out
from the top of the system. This action will not damage the system and is not a
design defect.

2. Inspect return pump – Please reflect back to owner’s manual for proper
maintenance. The return pump is programmed to turn on just after the injection
pump to ensure there is never any excess water sitting inside the top of the unit.

3. Proper installation of your Fresair – The system must be level and slightly
facing downward in the front. If you over tighten the mounting bolts causing the
base of the unit to curve downward – water will leak from the top of the unit. It is
very important to use the included foam to create a seal around the outside of the
mounting bolts.

4. Pinched return line – When installing the system be careful not to pinch or
crimp the return hose. If this hose is pinched or crimped water will not flow
correctly back to the reservoir, resulting in water leaking from the top of the unit.

5. Maintenance – We suggest performing preventative maintenance and
replacing wearable parts every year (injection pump, return pump and pine filter
bag), coinciding with your yearly vehicle maintenance.

6. Winterize your system – To drain the water from your system, simply run the
unit until the low water indicator comes on and both pumps automatically shut
off. This is recommended when your Fresair will not be in use for an extended
period of time.

Q. How is cold air produced from your product?

A. This depends on the outside temperature but you should see 20°F – 40°F reduction from the ambient temperature to the air emitting out of the vents. Fresair is not a traditional air conditioner, there are no coolants or compressors, which would kill the batteries. Fresair is a green product powered by a 12V power source, normally just the regular vehicles’ existing battery or batteries, drawing minimal power whilst cooling the air with tap water and pine using evaporation.

Q. Does your system require distilled or filtered water?

A. No, all that is required is tap water. If you live in a climate where the water is very hard and you are concerned about calcium build-up, a chlorine tablet can be dropped into the reservoir every other month.

Q. How does an evaporative cooling system work in humid climates?

A. We have tested Fresair in high humidity climates like Florida and the cooling sensation works great, however, the evaporative process lessens at humidity levels over 80%. Even when the humidity levels are very high the fan alone provides fast-moving cooling air. Fresair delivers cold air not moisture unlike systems of the past.  Our pine filter absorbs the moisture and then passes through two additional filters resulting in cool clean air, not mist. For further detailed information on performance levels in differing temperatures and relative humidity levels see below.

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