Introducing the new S7i

For Retrofit, Step-Vans and Trailers, where a separate reservoir is awkward, we’re introducing the all enclosed S7i

15 L Internal Reservoir

Up to 22 Hrs of Continuous Cooling

Quick and Simple Installation

The S7i contains a built-in reservoir. No need for a separate reservoir, which allows for ease of install for retrofit on vans, trailers, tear-drops…

In and out hose connections fill the tank.


WEIGHT: 35 lbs (dry weight)

HEIGHT: 5.5 ”

WIDTH: 34.6 ”

LENGTH: 26.7 ”

ELECTRICAL: Maximum 10A/h, 12V system

WATER RESERVOIR: 15L 12v Internal Reservoir can provide up to 22 hours of continuous cooling

WARRANTY: 1 year manufacturer warranty (extended warranties available)

Price $1495, Shipping $95 (Domestic US)