Fresair S7i

What makes it so cool?

Simply put, it’s a 12v Stepvan Air Conditioner and also our pride and joy. What makes it better than the rest is its state-of-the-art engineering. Having an evaporative cooling system with not only a powerful and forceful breeze, but also cold air and temperature reductions of up to 40°F. Often traditional air conditioning units demand high power whilst running on refrigerant.  Our Stepvan air conditioner can be powered through the vehicle’s existing battery and maintains low power consumption–we’re talking approximately 10 amps drawn per hour on max power.

The unit itself is very slimline at only 5.5″ tall but packs a punch with four adjustable vents and our latest smart control panel safeguarding the system. It not only looks great but is also a completely green technology, even filtering dust and pollen out of the air keeping the driver’s well-being our top priority.

Why is it BETTER than the rest?

We’ve created a whole patented roof-mounted cooling solution that works as a standalone system when the vehicle is off or as a supplemental system when the van is on. It’s powerful enough to keep the back cool, yet quiet enough to run constantly–even while parked and with the doors open! AND It’s powered only by the vehicle’s battery, allowing the system to run continuously even when the engine is off!

The system works by forcing air through a moist fibrous organic anti-bacterial, anti-fungal pine filter which is then triple filtered and circulated with tap water from a remote hidden reservoir. This means no moisture is produced.

Stepvan Air Conditioner

When creating the Fresair, we focused on COMFORT.

  • Low 12v 10A power consumption
  • Works great as a rear AC system
  • Works great with the doors and windows open or closed
  • Provides COOL not wet air
  • Low noise, stealth
  • Runs on water not gas
  • Retrofittable
  • Installs into standard 14″x14″ openings
  • Cost-Effective solution for new & existing step van fleets
  • Ideal for drivers of high volume multiple stop delivery vehicles
  • Fosters driver retention, helping keep drivers safe and happy


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